Chemistry Divisional Library

The Chemistry Divisional Library (BBC) supplies information and literature on chemistry.

Chemistry Divisional Library

Chemistry Divisional Library (Tammannstraße 4, Tel.: +49 551 39-33079)
Access, location map and library floorplan
Due to a university staff meeting, the Chemistry Divisional Library will open at 12:00 on 18 February 2016.
Information Desk, access and useMon - Fri8:00 - 18:00

Our services

Grundriss der Bereichsbibliothek Chemie

We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have about the use of the library and to assist you in finding and borrowing specialist literature.

We offer:

  • freely accessible and systematically categorised monographs, textbooks, periodicals, manuals and encyclopedias
  • 40 individual workplaces
  • 1 self-check terminal
  • 7 PCs with access to the Göttingen State and University Library catalogue, other catalogues and databases, and access to online periodicals
  • 1 PC for online research and research in the CD-ROM service of the Göttingen State and University Library with several hundred specialist databases
  • 1 copier (card- and coin-operated)

Monographs and textbooks can be taken out on loan.

Literature not available at the Göttingen State and University Library can be ordered by way of inter-library loan or document delivery services.

Please visit our webpages for more information about the Special Subject Collection Chemistry. There you will find specialist databases, contact information for specialist staff, and can submit your procurement suggestions.

Location Chemistry Divisional Library

How to get to the Chemistry Divisional Library

Are you restricted in your personal mobility? Please take note of our information regarding parking facilities and barrier-free access points.

By public transport

From the train station

The bus lines 21 (direction Nikolausberg), 23 (direction Faßberg), 41 (direction Weende-Ost) and - before 8:00 am - the line 22 (direction Nikolausberg) depart from the bus terminal at the train station and go to the stops "Tammannstraße" (lines 21, 22 and 23) and "Goldschmidtstraße" (line 41).

From the city centre

The bus line 22 (direction Nikolausberg) depart after 8:00 am from the stop "Jüdenstraße" and go to the stop "Tammannstraße". The bus line 41 (direction Weende-Ost) depart from the stops "Kornmarkt" and "Jüdenstraße" and go to the stop "Goldschmidtstraße".

Walk along Goldschmidtstraße and turn left into Tammannstraße. The middle of the three large buildings on the right is Tammannstraße 4. The Chemistry Divisional Library is located on the fourth floor.

The bus timetables can be found on the Göttinger Verkehrsbetriebe website (German user interface only).

By car

Take the A7 to exit Göttingen-Nord, and follow the Bundesstraße 27 (B 27) to the junction "Klinikum". Continue straight through the crossing onto "An der Lutter" (B 27). Turn right after the second pedestrian crossing in the direction "Klinikum", and turn immediately left in the direction "Universität-Nordbereich" (Robert-Koch Straße). Turn right at the next junction (Goldschmidtstraße), then take the next left (Tammannstraße).

There you will find free parking facilities.

The middle of the three buildings on the right houses the Institute for Inorganic Chemistry (Tammannstraße 4). The Chemistry Divisional Library is located on the fourth floor.