Exhibition venues and event rooms

Are you interested in organising an exhibition with us in one of our locations? Get in touch with us! We have compiled some basic information about our exhibition venues for you on this website.

Pauliner Church (Historical Building)

In a unique historical ambience, changing exhibitions dedicated to Göttingen's university and scientific history, the collections of the SUB Göttingen and bibliophilic topics are shown in the Pauliner Church on the first floor of the Historical Building on an area of 680 square metres. As exhibition architecture, there are almost 50 permanently installed showcases (including the so-called ‘treasure house’) for the presentation of original historical documents and objects, further mobile showcases and movable walls. In addition, the Pauliner Church offers a special setting for scientific and cultural events.

Foyer of the Cultural Studies Centre (KWZ)

In consultation with the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Humanities, small exhibitions are held in the entrance foyer of the Cultural Studies Centre (KWZ). It is desirable for the content to be close to the subject areas of the faculty. The SUB Göttingen assists with design and set-up and provides partition walls and display cases if available.

Enquiries can be addressed to the Public Relations Department of the SUB Göttingen and to the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Humanities.