Tuesday, 24 October 2023, 17:15 at the Historical Building

Tag der Bibliotheken 2023Excellent! The Göttingen University Library at the World's Fair 1893

On the occasion of Libraries Day on 24 October 2023, we invite you to take an interesting journey back in time to the year 1893: About 130 years ago, Göttingen University Library presented itself together with more than 100 other educational institutions and libraries at the 19th World's Fair in Chicago. Learn more about the exhibition in Chicago, the preparations and the selection of exhibits in Göttingen, as well as the special distinction bestowed on the Göttingen University Library.

In the historic rooms of the Pauliner Church, we will take a look with you at the documents from the time of the World's Fair and show you some of our precious book treasures in the original, which were sent to Chicago as reproductions.

Where: Pauliner Church, Historical Building of the SUB Göttingen
When: 24 October 2023, 17:15

All interested persons are welcome to attend. Admission is free, pre-registration is not necessary.