We show several exhibitions a year in our exhibition venues or at other locations. We look forward to your visit.

Pauliner Church exhibition (Historical Building)

From 7 October 2016 until 18 December 2016, the exhibition “Conn3ct: 2 media, 1 story” takes place in the Pauliner Church.

This exhibition is a project of the Flanders Heritage Library and the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library of the Netherlands at Den Haag), in cooperation with the Göttingen State and University Library, the University of Antwerp and the Provinciale Bibliotheek Limburg.

Accompanying Programme

Guided Tours

We offer guided tours every Saturday as well as on arrangement on other dates. We are happily awaiting your visit!

Göttingen Tourismus e. V. offers special guided tours through the city of Göttingen related to the book industry on some Sundays at 11:00. These guided tours will be held in German. On demand there can be arranged tours in English.


Sunday 30.10.2016, 11:00
Prof Dr Stephan Füssel (University Mainz)
“Der Aufbruch der Medien im Jahrhundert der Reformation”

Sunday 13.11.2016, 11:00
Prof Dr Martin van Gelderen (Lichtenberg-Kolleg, Göttingen)
“Sturm der Bilder: Bruegel, Goltzius und der niederländische Aufstand, 1558-1588”

Sunday  27.11.2016, 11:00
Prof Dr Thomas Kaufmann (Göttingen University)
“Luther und der Buchdruck”

All lectures take place at the Alfred-Hessel-Saal in the Historical Building of the SUB Göttingen at Papendiek 14. The admission is free.

Cultural Studies Centre of the University of Göttingen Lobby exhibition

"80 Jahre Spanischer Bürgerkrieg - Eine Spurensuche"
25 November 2016 - 18 December 2016

"The fight against Franco was at the same time a fight against Hitler and with that a fight for freedom and human rights." That's how the German resistance fighter Alfred Kantarowitz described his action as a volunteer fighter in the Spanish Civil War from 1936 to 1939. Kantarowitz was part of the famous "International Brigades" that played a very significant role in the defence of the Republic until they were finally withdrawn in 1938. The denial of help from the western democracies made the Spanish Republic dependend on Soviet weapon supplies. Strong internal differences and conflicts within the left parties - the so called "Civil War in Civil War." It ended with the defeat of the supporters of the Spanish Republic and opened the opportunity for Hitler to test for WWII.

How are these events and the polarisation to be explained? What consequences do they have until now? What lessons can we learn from the German fighters in Spain? This exposition curated and organized by Prof Dr Jörg Wollenberg goes on a journey to gather answers to these questions.