External Strategic Goals and Projects in 2017

E1 Efficient securing of the provision of academic literature at the University and expansion of digital services in particular

Students, teachers and researchers of all disciplines increasingly require digital literature and information services. This applies equally to the development on the Göttingen Campus, the increasingly supra-regional licensing of electronic resources and, at the national level, the transformation of the system of special subject collections into user-orientated digital Scientific Information Services.

(1) Establishment and operation of a SUB platform for access to licenses for electronic resources

(2) Evaluation and updating of the portfolio of electronic and printed journals in the natural sciences

(3) Expansion and operation of the Competence Centre for the Licensing of Electronic Resources

(4) Scientific Information Services (FID):

(5) Further development of information and literature search: Implementation of the concept developed in 2016

E2 Co-development and collaborative implementation of a Campus concept for research and information infrastructures

Academic studies, teaching, research and general information practices are increasingly shaped by digital methods and digitally enhanced collaborations. We expand our range of services already developed for the Göttingen Campus.

(6) Central Library:

  • Extension and updating of reading room collections
  • Establishment of a 3 D lab in the Learning Resources Center (subject to financing)
  • Concept for the user-oriented conversion of the former circulation and inter-library loan services area

(7) Divisional librarys (subject to financing):

  • Cultural Studies: Online long-term bookings of work spaces
  • Medical Library: Extension of digital and interactive study and working services
  • Waldweg Library: Further development and establishment of innovative services for the training of teachers
  • Historical Building: Concept for café and catering facilities

(8) Circulation and inter-library loan services: Enhanced availability through self service and automation:

  • Automated access to circulation, inter-library loan, printing and copying services for Göttingen University employees
  • Connection of the local library system to the University's identity management system
  • Self service for payment of reminder charges and inter-library loan fees as well as for loading printing and copying accounts
  • Circulation account: Extended functionalities, e.g. password management, service desk selection, reservations
  • Self service book return at self check terminals

(9) Development of a roadmap and a range of services offered by the Göttingen eResearch Alliance, founded in 2014 by the Göttingen State and University Library and the University Computing Centre (GWDG) (completion)

E3 Further promotion of electronic publishing, Open Access and research information systems at the University

The University of Göttingen supports Open Access publishing in order to improve the dissemination and visibility of research conducted at the University and to actively participate in the transition into an open science system. With Göttingen University Press and the publication fund, we have already provided services that are in great demand on the Göttingen Campus. With our international activities (COAR, OpenAIRE), we are well networked and have been promoting major developments.

(10) Open Access: Initiation of the consolidation of the publication fund at Göttingen University

(11) Digital Editions: Service consolidation

(12) Establishment of research data publication services

(13) Further development of the University's research information system (subject to funding) through

  • Infrastructure and workflow consolidation with regard to the University's data publication management 
  • System extension for further research achievements on the Göttingen Campus (e.g. projects, co-operations)

E4 Expansion of active partnerships and collaborations in research and teaching

Research and teaching are becoming more and more interdisciplinary and collaborative. Academic information is provided, produced and managed on site, close to the user. We therefore collaborate directly with researchers from all disciplines.

(14) Participation in Excellence Initiative projects at Göttingen University

E5 Further development of the indexing, use and conservation of the Library's special collections

As one of the most important and leading libraries in the preservation and digital presentation of the cultural and scientific heritage, we aim at securing and expanding this position.

(15) Preparation of the provision of manuscripts and scholarly papers through the Göttingen Digitisation Centre website

(16) Scholarly papers: Transfer of the previous catalogue into the central search portal “Kalliope

(17) Concept for the enhanced availability of historical maps through digitisation, extended metadata and georeferencing 

(18) Consortium leadership in the main phase of the Bibliography of Books Printed in the German-Speaking Countries from 1701 to 1800 and digitisation of these books (continued)

(19) Textualisation of principles for the preservation of our written cultural heritage (Preservation Policies) (completion)

(20) Exhibition “Lichtenberg – Discoveries” on the occasion of the 275th anniversary of Georg Christoph Lichtenberg's birth in 2017 (completion) 

(21) Preparation of activities on the occasion of the 550th anniversary of Johannes Gutenberg's 550th death in 2018 (subject to funding)

E6 Advisory support of the University's collections in indexing and digitisation

On the basis of our rich experience in indexing and digitising the cultural and scientific heritage, we support the University's collections.

(22) Development of standards for the linkage of digital reproductions, descriptions and evidence of heterogeneous collection objects in order to disambiguously represent objects and their provenance, using the example of the Göttingen Asch Collection (completion) 

E7 Securing of permanent access to academic information

Our activities have significantly influenced national and international research on digital long-term preservation. We implement the results systematically on site.

(23) Sustained availability of digital data:

  • Definition and implementation of data preservation principles for valuable digital holdings in the Library and on the Göttingen Campus 
  • Implementation of long-term preservation for relevant data holdings (completion)

Internal Strategic Goals and Projects in 2017

I1 Critical review of current areas of responsibility and systematic implementation of review findings

Against the background of changing requirements, we critically review our tasks and adjust our resources accordingly.

I2 Strategic and cost-conscious deployment of personnel and financial resources

We meet the dynamics of change of knowledge cultures and information practices with targeted activities in the areas of personnel planning and budget management.

(24) Media processing: Reorganisation of organisational units for processing printed and electronic resources

I3 Securing of the skills of employess, expansion of their skills to take on new tasks and creation of attractive prospects

The promotion of employee potential is an important goal of systematic personnel development especially in the light of changing tasks. Services for already identified training needs are extended.

(25) Management development and measures to further develop social skills for employees and teams

I4 Enhancement of customer focus and optimisation of communication with the Faculties

The communication habits of students and scholars in different subject cultures are heterogeneous. We tailor our communication to the requirements of our target groups.

(26) User-oriented service development: User survey to determine current user requirements and expectations 

(27) Enhancement of information on Library services: Targeted website revision

I5 Optimisation of business and project organisation

We meet the dynamic change of information practices with project-oriented organisational structures that are supported by digital business procedures.

(28) Library Rules revision (completion)

(29) Media processing: Reorganisation of business procedures

(30) Acquisition budget: Reform of management processes due to new funding schemes (Scientific  Information Services) and business models (Open Access) (completion)

(31) Introduction of a work rota software (completion) 

(32) Project management: Implementation of a project database

I6 Expansion of quality management for Library services

To maintain our high quality of service, we keep standards that we continually adapt to changing conditions.

(33) Further development of key indicators and statistics of the use of Library services

I7 Generation of additional revenues

Our achievements in procuring third-party funding for activities in literature, research and transformation activities will be continued.

I8 Co-ordinated development of technology deployment at the Library

Digital solutions are subject to rapid change. We devise concepts and new developments for the design and maintenance of the digital service landscape that are co-ordinated with partners on the Campus.

I9 Pursuit of exploratory and innovative ideas

This objective is an intrinsic part of many of our goals and projects. Among the biggest challenges are the rapidly and widely varying requirements related to information search.

(34) Visualisation of information and digital research objects: Establishment of a method development and test lab

I10 Flexibilisation of organisational structures

We strengthen self-reliance and co-operation within our organisation.

(35) Working collaboratively in service-driven groups