Learning location

Knowledge needs space. Knowledge needs space. To enable you to enrich your knowledge, develop ideas and put them into practice, we offer you the right environment for all phases of your work: With us, you will find rooms for individual or joint work, quiet environments for concentrated work and informal areas for trying out new things and exchanging ideas. We provide you with the information resources you need in printed or digital form and support you in your research, in editing documents and data, and in preparing them for different presentation formats.
In continuous exchange with you and our partners at the Göttingen Campus, we constantly develop our services further and thus create new room offers and services that meet your needs.

Shaping explorative learning and research spaces

By creating explorative learning and research spaces, we enable new forms of active appropriation and joint production of knowledge: We offer you open space for your self-organised learning and working groups, for exploring digitally supported forms of work and for trying out new digital techniques and tools.  At the same time, you can get to know our services for research-related learning and teaching and use them to suit your needs - accompanied by our experts on site.

By 2025, pilot learning and research rooms will be set up and further developed at the Central Library as well as at the Divisional Libraries for the Natural and Life Sciences and the Humanities and Social Sciences. An evaluation will accompany the expansion of the learning and research room offerings at the entire Göttingen State and University Library.

Service portfolio

  1. Learning locations and learning support infrastructure
  2. Provision of literature and research tools
  3. Information literacy and consulting


(a) Create space for self-organised learning and working groups

  • Support hybrid forms of work
    2022: Open Digital Creative Space
  • Test ‘open library’
    2022: Concept for the Forestry Divisional Library outside regular opening hours

(b) Systematically design structural change for learning and research spaces

  • Further develop dialogue formats for learning and research spaces
    2022: Concept for the Economics and Social Sciences Divisional Library