New roles

Libraries are changing. For some, a library is a learning space, a retreat, or a cultural site; for others, a library is a laboratory, a safe place on the Internet, or a software company. The traditional roles remain and still determine the public image of the library. But the invisible networking worldwide is mostly completely unknown. The SUB Göttingen is a major player in its digital networking - not only in Germany.

Our contributions to a functioning, secure and fair world of information address current challenges and are intended to ensure sustainability for generations to come.

Sustainably anchor new roles of the library

As an academic library with governmental responsibilities, we have actively developed new roles for libraries in the 21st century with the SUB Göttingen. The sharpening of these roles and the measures of the strategic development of the SUB Göttingen require its sustainable positioning in a globally distributed and cooperatively working scientific system. To this end, we would like to create the appropriate organisational, legal and financial framework conditions and map them in the organisational culture. This includes engagement in science policy, dialogue with the public and internal organisational development.

By 2025, the constitution of the SUB Göttingen shall be adapted to the new framework conditions and anchored in the organisational culture of the SUB Göttingen. The balance between innovation and operation should be precisely defined. The embedding of the SUB Göttingen in the academic system of the university and beyond should have a systemic character across all disciplines.


(a) Adapting the organisational framework of the SUB Göttingen

  • Analyse funding of scientific information systems in Göttingen, Lower Saxony, Germany and Europe
    : Concept study on the Göttingen information landscape
  • Focus engagement in science policy
    2022: Bring challenges of publishing and digital infrastructure into science policy discourse

(b) Drive academic embedding

  • Support the establishment of professorships and academic positions
    2022: Filling the professorship ‘Analysis of scientific information resources’
  • Contribute to the positioning of Göttingen in the Excellence Initiative
    2022: Concepts for the humanities in Göttingen

(c) Actively shaping discourse on the role model of the SUB Göttingen

  • Maximise public input
    2022: Launch information campaign
  • Anchor values such as holism, diversity and sustainability in the organisational culture
    2022: Establish appropriate working and communication structures