Research Services

Knowledge is created through research. We help you in your research to generate new knowledge and we do our own research on how knowledge can best be disseminated and processed. We are partners in research projects of many different disciplines at the Göttingen Campus and in national and international research networks. Our task is to sustainably develop and operate tools, to test new methods, and to access, enrich, and preserve data obtained in research. In the eResearch Alliance, we offer numerous services on a permanent basis.

Consolidating partnerships for digital research

In a multitude of projects, more than 100 partnerships with scientists in Göttingen and institutions worldwide have been established. Requirement analyses, project proposals, data curation, software development or sustainable organizational models are examples of project contributions of the Göttingen State and University Library. Partly these are pure development tasks, partly this includes information science research. In the Göttingen eResearch Alliance or the national research data infrastructure, precise catalogs of services have been developed. At the same time, there are starting points for embedding in the academic system of the faculties.

By 2025, services for research on the one hand and genuine scientific activities on the other hand are to be more clearly contoured. Both services and independent research - and the relationships between them - are to be structurally anchored.

Service portfolio

  1. Project Support
  2. Identifier Services
  3. Research data archiving
  4. Collection tools and platforms
  5. Metadata services
  6. Research software support


(a) Establish ‘Digital Research Services’ Competence Center

  • Structure contributions to research services at the Göttingen campus
    2022: Structural concept for linking eResearch Alliance with CIDAS
    2022: Catalog of offerings of research services for the humanities
  • Increase national and international visibility of research services
    2022: Establish research services in national research data infrastructure

(b) Structurally map own research in the Göttingen State and University Library

  • Strengthen connections to academic operations
    2022: Development of a research program of the Göttingen State and University Library with professorship ‘Analysis of Scientific Information Resources’
    2022: Handout for academic career paths at the Göttingen State and University Library