Strategic goals and results in 2018

1. Learning and Research Environments “Enhancing open spaces for working and information”

Increase the range and accessibility of individual workspaces and information delivery services in our library buildings and on the internet.

Results 2018

  • Expansion of learning opportunities in digital literacy for students in the context of Ilias courses, coffee lectures and XXL term paper clinics in cooperation with campus partners
  • Extended self-service

    • High quality, free scanners at all locations
    • Self-service checkouts now also for the payment of interlibrary loan fees

  • ‘Digital Creative Space’ in the Central Library as a platform for interdisciplinary ‘Community Building’ – Concept development and construction planning
  • Modernisation of furniture in the Central Library and Physics Divisional Library
  • Installation of additional high-density shelves in the stacks to free up more space for learning environments

2. Provision of academic literature “Maximizing Open Access”

By further developing local, national and international services, we will increase the ratio of Open Access in scholarly information.

Results 2018

  • Expansion of the range of electronic books (e-books)
  • Provision of no longer available digital publishing content in the ‘self-hosting’ of the Göttingen State and University Library
  • Expansion of the office of the Lower Saxony Consortium

3. Publication Services “Foster visibility for Göttingen research results”

Foster services for high-class publications with international impact and develop useful KPIs for conventional and innovative scientific communication.

Results 2018

  • ‘Göttingen Research Online’ has been continuously developed and tested on the basis of real publication data
  • A concept for a service in the area of digital editions has been developed and agreed upon
  • The development of a concept for scientific journals within the library's Service-Portfolio has been started

4. Research Services “Shaping digital research together”

Systematically establish and innovatively develop Göttingen State and University Library's participation in research and teaching on digital content and methods on Göttingen Campus. We pursue this goal in the eResearch Alliance.

Results 2018

  • Consultation service on research data management (expansion)
  • Support of the Göttingen Excellence Cluster Initiatives
  • Contributions to the Campus Institute Data Science
  • Laboratory for Virtual Reality
  • Supraregional and international digital infrastructure offers for the humanities, social and natural sciences

5. Cultural Heritage “Spreading digital collections”

Deeper development of the historic collection of the library (prints, manuscripts, unpublished works) for research and teaching by providing metadata, digitisation and digital services.

Results 2018