Strategic goals and results in 2020

1. Learning and Research Environments ‘Enhancing open spaces for working and information’

Increase the range and accessibility of individual workspaces and information delivery services in our library buildings and on the internet.

Results 2020

Learning locations / learning location support infrastructure

  • Establishment of 3D scanning service in the Medical Library
  • ‘creative space’ for collaborative work in the Cultural Studies Divisional Library

Literature provision / research tools

  • New search for scientific literature: Preparing the introduction
  • Self-service return station in the Central Library: Set-up
  • Relocation of the Musicology Library to premises of the Göttingen State and University Library: Preparation

Information Literacy / Counselling

  • Expansion of offerings in the area of information and digital skills: Help Desk XXL, virtual counselling / consultation hours, new research data management course for beginners ‘Love your data’ (with eRA), etc.

2. Provision of academic literature ‘Maximizing Open Access’

By further developing local, national and international services, we will increase the ratio of open access in scholarly information.

Results 2020

  • Efficient literature supply in the library system of the University of Göttingen: Development of a ‘Guideline for dealing with multiple copies at the University of Göttingen’.
  • Efficient literature supply in the library system of the University of Göttingen: Journal evaluation for the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Supraregional literature supply: Adaptation of the acquisition and cataloguing of data carriers (DVD, Blu-Ray disc, CD-ROM) to the changed framework conditions for FID AAC 2019-2021
  • Supraregional licensing: Provision of more than ten additional national licences from the area of responsibility of the Göttingen State and University Library in self-hosting by the Göttingen State and University Library
  • Open Access Transformation: Two DFG proposals for financial support of self-negotiated national transformation contracts
  • Open Access Transformation: negotiation, conclusion and offer of three national framework agreements for the Open Access transformation of books and journals
  • Open Access Transformation: Participation in various national framework agreements for the Open Access transformation of books and journals (including in the context of DEAL)

3. Publication Services ‘Foster visibility for Göttingen research results’

Foster services for high-class publications with international impact and develop useful KPIs for conventional and innovative scientific communication.

Results 2020

  • The concept for scientific journals at Göttingen University Press and within the library service portfolio has been developed, and implementation is currently being coordinated.
  • GRO.publications is now in routine operation, the publication data it contains is continuously being expanded and maintained, and users are advised and trained as needed.
  • For certification, the documents for ‘The Stacks’ of the FID Anglo-American Cultural Area were submitted to DINI as a ‘pilot’ for the Göttingen repositories.

4. Research Services ‘Shaping digital research together’

Systematically establish and innovatively develop Göttingen State and University Library’s participation in research and teaching on digital content and methods on Göttingen Campus. We pursue this goal in the eResearch Alliance.

Results 2020

  • Concept for PI allocation at the Göttingen site has been drawn up and will be supplemented by a business model in 2021.
  • is in regular operation, GRO.instruments is available as a beta version and will be filled with data in 2021.
  • The NFDI application TExt+ was submitted to establish CLARIAH.

5. Cultural Heritage ‘Spreading digital collections’

Deeper development of the historic collection of the library (prints, manuscripts, unpublished works) for research and teaching by providing metadata, digitisation and digital services.

Results 2020

  • Restoration of the Uffenbach legacy
  • Completion of the Project for cataloguing and digitising the library of the Albrecht Thaer Society (duration 2019-2020)
  • Extension of the digital presentation in the Göttingen Digitisation Centre by existing digitized material from the area of the former photo department