Book acquisition programme for students

You are a student at the University of Göttingen and you need (for a term paper or a final thesis) a book that is currently on loan or not in our collections?

Upon your request we purchase monographic literature, optionally in electronic form or in print. We will make the literature available within five workdays after delivery from the book trader. Please take into account that book deliveries from outside Germany might take longer.

Based on an initiative from students the project has been executed since 2010 and is currently funded by the State and University Library of Göttingen.

Please fill in our purchase suggestion form. For more information have a look at frequently asked questions.

Tips on filling in the form

Please check other library catalogues or book trade directories for details about the item (author, title etc.) so you can fill in the information in the corresponding field.

Please note that fields marked with an asterisk need to be filled in so we can process your request. Thank you!

I am a student of Georg-August-University and suggest the following purchase for a term- or final paper:
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Frequently asked questions

Who can suggest a purchase?

All students enrolled at Georg-August-University Göttingen who need literature for all academic work (see also fields above) except for dissertations.

What kind of books can you suggest for purchase?

You may suggest all academic research monographs from all academic subjects available via book traders (secondary literature or primary source collections). You may request your preferred format (ebook or print edition). Should provision of the ebook for legal reasons prove to be difficult we will purchase the printed version.

Are there books that cannot be purchased? 

To fulfil as many of your requests as possible we limit the costs per title to 250 Euros. We can also not cater for popular scientific texts or non-academic books that are only the source for academic work. Textbooks that have already been acquired in multiple copies via decentralised tuition fees are also exempt from purchase suggestions.

Please contact our subject librarians if you are not sure whether the wanted title fits the profile.

How do you suggest book titles?

Please find on our website the Purchase suggestion form, which you can easily fill out online and send to us.

What's the next step?

We will then consider whether your suggestion meets the above mentioned criteria and whether the title is available. If not we will immediately inform you by email.

If we can acquire the book we will inform you as soon as it is available, either in the self-pick up area or when access to an ebook is established. 


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