Price list for photocopy and scanning requests

Göttingen State and University Library offers you various types of copying and scanning services. Please keep in mind that reproductions from manuscripts, old and rare books as well as from loose leaf papers and/or large format originals may require specific forms of reproduction because of requirements of conservation. In some cases, a reproduction might be impossible.
The minimum order value amounts to 6 euros per order for any kind of reproduction (plus postage and handling).

You can pick up your order at the Reading Room desk of the Historic Printed Collections in the Historical Building during the opening hours. Please note that only cashless payments are possible.
Alternatively paper copies and data storage media will be delivered by mail with an invoice. If the reproductions are not picked up, they will be sent to the address given on the order form.

Paper copies

Price list for paper copies
ArticlePaperUnitPrice per unit
Copy DIN A4/DIN A380g/m²per single page0,40 euro
Copy DIN A4/DIN A3 colour80g/m²per single page1,50 euro
Copy from newspaper DIN A380g/m²per single page4,00 euro
"Birthday" copy from newspaper DIN A3150g/m²per single page12,00 euro
Copy from microform DIN A4/A380g/m²per page0,60 euro

Digital reproductions

We deliver digital copies and PDF documents on a CD-ROM or DVD for which we charge 5 euros in addition to the cost of the reproduction. Digital copies and PDF documents from originals published after 1900 (according to German copyright law) may be delivered by email if the file is small enough. The decision on the kind of shipping remains with the SUB Göttingen. Orders from printed books up to the year 1900 and from special materials will usually be delivered as colour scans; if the type of material and the copyright conditions allow, the digital reproductions may be presented online on our website.

Price list for digital reproductions
ArticleFile formatUnitPrice per unit
Digitisation from microforms and single pages up to the format DIN A3
Digital image of a single pagetif, jpg or pdf  per image0,40 euro
Digitisation of complete volumes (publication year up to 1900) up to the format DIN A3
Digital image of a single pagepdfper image0,30 euro
Existing digital works from our website (per single title)
Digitised workpdfper volume15,00 euro
Digitised workpdfper additional volume10,00 euro
Digitisation of large formats and special materials (maps, scrolls, letters etc.)
Digital imagetif, jpg or pdfper imageon request
Digitisation for quality printing, digital imaging, facsimile production
Digital imagetif, jpg or pdfper imageon request

Books from the collections of the SUB Göttingen which have already been digitised are available online on our website and may be downloaded free of charge. If a title from the Library collections has not yet been made available digitally, we recommend that you visit the Zentrales Verzeichnis Digitalisierter Drucke, which holds more than a million titles of digitised works in German libraries.


Price list for shipping
ArticleUnitprice per unit
Shipping inside Germanylump sum3,00 euro
Shipping abroadlump sum5,00 euro

We charge 6 euros for cost estimates. If you place an order, this amount will be refunded. For bank tranfers from countries outside the EU an additional fee of 5 euros will be charged. In addition to this price list the library regulations for the SUB Göttingen (Benutzungsordnung für die Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen vom 18.12.1996) and the fee regulations of the State of Lower Saxony (Gebührenverzeichnis für die Bibliotheken des Landes Niedersachsen vom 1.1.2005) apply.