GRO.publications is the entry point to the publications of the Göttingen Campus. As a Göttingen researcher, here you can create your personal publication list. You have various export options that allow you to integrate your publication list directly. You determine the order and citation style for your selection of publications, which are particularly highlighted.

GRO.publications is a contemporary publication data management system for the Göttingen Campus. It increases the visibility of publications produced at the University of Göttingen.

GRO.publications is a component of Göttingen Research Online (GRO). Under this name, various services are set up and operated to support Göttingen researchers, including a research data repository ( and a large-scale equipment portal (GRO.instruments). The individual services are coordinated by the eResearch Alliance (eRA).

First steps for the use

In order to facilitate the initial setup of GRO.publications, publication data was imported from various providers. In the course of these imports, profiles were generated automatically.

The FAQ describes the first steps in setting up research profiles. The help provides an overview of the main functions.

Do you need support in creating your individual publication list?
Do you have any questions or want to give feedback?
Please feel free to contact the team of GRO.publications (email).

Server information

Göttingen State and University Library is responsible for the operation of GRO.publications.

Release: August 2019
Software: DSpace-CRIS