Xinjiang Collection

The Xinjiang-Collection includes thousands of titles in the Uyghur, Kazakh and Kirgiz language, most of them in Arabic script. Furthermore, you will find titles in Oirat, Mongolian, Sibo-Manchurian, Dagur and of course Chinese within this collection. There is also plenty of material from neighbouring Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and other Central Asian republics and the Asian part of Russia.

There are currently about 7.000 titles in Uyghur available in Göttingen. This collection of recent publications is complemented with older material from the 1930s to 1970s. This includes older issues of Xinjiang newspapers. There are also newspapers in Oirat from 1950 onward or in Sibo language. Newspapers are not bought as regular subscriptions, but older bound issues are bought as sources for the language and culture of the peoples of Sinkiang. They are not complete.

Another part of our collection of materials by the minority group of Chinese Muslims, known as “Hui” or “Dungan”.

There are several Collecteana of older literature on the muslim northwest of China, mostly reprints of Qing- or Republican literature and most of it in Chinese.

Since 2017, all non-Chinese textbooks (except in European languages like English) are banned from schools in Xinjiang and language education in the indigenous languages of Xinjiang has ceased completely. The material stored in the Xinjiang Collection in Göttingen is therefore a safe haven and cultural treasure trove for non-Chinese literature.

Hinweise zur Literatursuche

Literatur aus und zu Xinjiang in der SUB Göttingen kann auf verschiedene Weise im Katalog gesucht werden. Hierbei sind die speziellen Suchschlüssel des Göttinger Universitätskatalogs und des Gemeinsamen Verbundkatalogs sehr nützlich. Wir haben Ihnen eine Hilfe für die Suche nach speziellen Sprachen oder Ländern zusammengestellt.