Publishing: an overview

Though you might not want to publish - yet, but an overview of the current publishing system might help you with your own literature research.

Publizieren: ein Überblick“ by Ursula Arning and Jasmin Schmitz is an article from the manual CoScience and explains

  • what in fact a publication is
  • why academics publish
  • what types of publication exist.

Want to publish? Göttingen State and University Library services

Göttingen State and University Library notably supports academic Open-Access-publications (free versions of academic research publications on the net). The Göttingen University Press offers an additional high quality print version of open-access-publications as well. On our webpages you can find all the information regarding digital publishing, Open-Access and print. Our staff at the Electronic Publishing Department will gladly advise you on publication options for your academic work.