Is there general support for Citavi?

Citavi offers a very good general support

How do I install Citavi?

Students and members of the University of Göttingen can download the full version of Citavi free of charge through the Campus license.

Which operating systems support Citavi?

Citavi only runs on Windows.

For other operating systems we recommend the free program Zotero, for which we also offer courses.

Which programs does the Citavi-Picker work with?

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Adobe Acrobat

How do I create my publication with Citavi and Word or LaTeX?

In the Citavi 6 Manual you will find extensive instructions for working with the individual word processing programs.

How do I use the Word Add-in?

The Citavi Add-in appears in the Word menu bar after installing Citavi (if it doesn't appear immediately, sometimes restarting your computer will help).

The Word Add-in is no longer visible

The 'Citavi' menu no longer appears in Word, although it once worked. This can happen, for example, if Windows or Word have been updated.

Various solutions can be found on the Citavi Support website.

How can I use Citavi Team as a workgroup?

As of Citavi version 6, you can create cloud projects that can be edited in a team. Alternatively, Citavi can be used with a network drive that is accessible to all members of the team.
Different rights can be assigned to the individual participants of the group (e. g. write or read only rights).
Further information on this topic can be found in the Citavi manual.

Is there a citation style for Universitätsmedizin Göttingen?

For the Universitätsmedizin Göttingen (UMG) a specific citation style was created, which you will find named 'Universitätsmedizin Göttingen' under 'Citation styles'.

My citation style is not present in Citavi, what can I do?

Citavi contains thousands of citation styles. If you can't find your style among them, you can use the Citation Style Editor to customize an existing style or create a new one.
Under certain circumstances, the Citavi team will create a new citation style for you.

I'm off campus. In which catalogues or databases can I search from Citavi?

The results of a search from Citavi are not always reliable. Therefore it is better to search directly in the catalogues / databases and transfer the results to Citavi with the picker.
In principle a search in the library catalogue of the Göttingen State and University Library is possible. The search in licensed databases directly from Citavi is only possible on computers in the campus network of the University of Göttingen.

How long is the campus license valid?

The University of Göttingen's current licence for Citavi runs until 30.9.2023. The renewal of the licence until 2026 has been approved and is currently being processed.

What happens if I leave the University of Göttingen or if the campus license expires?

If you leave the University of Göttingen or if the campus license expires, your Citavi installation will automatically start in the Citavi Free version. In this version you can edit up to 100 titles in total in simultaneously opened projects without any restrictions. However, if a project opened in the free version contains more than 100 titles, you will not be able to save new titles in this project. Changes to existing titles in the project cannot be made either – what remains is read-only access.

In this access mode you can stil

  • search in your project,
  • print title lists,
  • create publications with the existing data,
  • create new projects,
  • export the existing bibliographic data (i.e. author, title, year of publication, etc.).

It is usually not possible to export knowledge elements created in Citavi (such as exact quotes) to other reference management programs, since this special functionality of Citavi is not yet available in other programs.

Deleting individual titles in a project with more than 100 titles is also no longer possible (e.g. to get less than 100 titles for the project, so that Citavi becomes fully functional again in the free version). However, Citavi support offers to do this for you on request.

For a project with less than 100 titles, there is no restriction at all due to the expiration of the campus license or your leaving the university.

If you would like to continue using Citavi to its full extent for projects with more than 100 titles, you can purchase a full version of Citavi (usually Citavi Pro) privately.

Is there more detailed help and support from Citavi?

The support overview of Citavi provides you with all important support offers: Manual, Videos, Forum, FAQ and more.