Central Library building alterations

We carried out building alterations in our Central Library to create

  • quieter working areas
  • new individual and group work spaces
  • improved climatic conditions
  • new lounge areas and common rooms
  • one-stop shop services
  • better Wi-Fi and new PCs
  • a new reading room concept in the Central Library

Construction work started in May 2015 and was finished in April 2017. Based on a survey, the activities planned in collaboration with students were funded by tuition fees, means of the Göttingen State and University Library and the central building maintenance fund of Göttingen University.

What is new?

Quieter working areas

We expanded the reading room on the ground floor to all fingers to reduce noise exposure not only on the ground floor, but also on the floors above. New group work spaces on the first and second floors are shielded acoustically from the adjacent reading room areas.

New individual and group work spaces

On the first floor, 35 additional carrels and a “Room of Tranquility” are available for you. One carrel is equipped for the needs of wheelchair users. Please book these carrels, funded by tuition fees, through the online reservation system that you already use for the Learning and Study Building. Additionally, there are new group work spaces on the first and second floors. On the ground floor, a large working area of 350m² offers around 70 workspaces with 20 PCs.

Bookable lockers

Göttingen University's students can book one of 85 lockers for a few days via eCampus. We use the same system as for the reservations of rooms in the Learning and Study Building (LSG). Lockers with the numbers "SF 001" to "SF 028" are located on the First Floor, lockers "SF 029" to "SF 085" are located on the Second Floor. Booking a locker in the Central Library and in the Learning and Study Building at the same time is not possible.
We still provide lockers used with keys for other users of the Library. Please contact our colleagues at the Information and Service Desk on the Ground Floor. As long as one of the left-over lockers on the First Floor is available you may get a key for 30 days.

Improved climatic conditions

The glass roof in the entrance lobby was replaced with a new, thermally efficient glass roof. Thus, the lobby is kept from the cold and drafts. At the same time, fire prevention measures were updated.

New lounge areas and common rooms

We provide new lounge areas with comfortable sofas in the gallery areas of the first and second floors for your breaks. In addition, we  provide a parent-child room.

One-stop shop services

We provide a central, enhanced reception and service counter area on the ground floor, replacing the distribution of service counters on the ground and first floors. The self-pick-up area is integrated into this area for your convenience.

Improved Wi-Fi and new PCs

We offer more Windows-PCs on all floors and new standing-desk PC-workplaces with guest-logins.

Thanks to 50 new Wi-Fi access points, we can provide you with improved Wi-Fi access and higher speed in all our public areas in the Central Library.

Advice for private and guest users: Instead of “GoeMobile”, formerly available in the Central Library, we now offer you a Wi-Fi SSID called “GuestOnCampus”. Please use “GuestOnCampus” with the user name SUB-Usernumber@guest.uni-goettingen.de and your password for your printing and copying account.

New reading room concept in the Central Library

What has changed?

We newly arranged our holdings in that we grouped together all items belonging to one discipline. You now find all items for one discipline put together, no matter if it is a monograph, a textbook or a journal. Formerly, all books, bibliographies, and textbooks were to be found on the First Floor (LS1) and all journals on the Second Floor (LS2). Now, these abbreviations no longer tell you on which floor the item is found, but whether it is a book (LS1) or a journal (LS2). All groups of holdings of one discipline are put up starting with the books labelled LS1 and end with the journals labelled LS2.

This rearrangement makes sense because we updated our holdings. In the past years we subscribed to more and more online content. Books and journals now available online could be moved to our stacks. By this we could make space for new literature and more workspaces.

What advantages does the new concept have?

  • Shorter distances: You can easily access all literature of your discipline in one spot. The new concept of discipline-groups allows browsing around the shelves.
  • Always up-to-date: The spacious arrangement of all books allows us to add new items for a long time to come.

Any questions, comments or suggestions?

Please contact our staff at our service counters. They will be happy to answer your questions and look forward to your suggestions.