New American Studies Journal published by Göttingen University Press

New American Science JournalAt the end of April, the New American Studies Journal: A Forum (NASJ) launched its first thematic issue "American Crises" with a new design and a new editorial board. The NASJ is also hosted by a new journal platform provided by Göttingen University Press.

Formerly the American Studies Journal (ASJ), the NASJ will build on a long tradition to address pressing issues in American studies and offer a forum for intellectual exchange.  We believe that dialogue is the best way to counter political and professional polarization, and we invite contributions from scholars with different viewpoints, positions, and affiliations.

Upcoming issues will incorporate additional forms of scholarly communication such as symposia, lecture recordings, and thematic podcasts. Our predecessor publication, the American Studies Journal, began in the 1960s as a printed newsletter. Guided by the editorial vision of Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Grabbe and Dr. Martina Kohl, it grew through the 1990s and 2000s into an open access, online publication with 71 issues. The relaunch issue, number 72, features contributions by Sandra Gilbert, Robert Pinsky, Rita Dove, and a number of scholars and activists.

The current Editorial Board members are Andrew Gross, Ellen Hinsey, Andrew Majeske, Karin Hoepker, Maria Moss, Gulsin Ciftci, James Dowthwaite, Julia Nitz, and Wiebke Kartheus. The journal runs on the open-source OJS software, and content is produced in SciFlow's innovative writing environment.

Göttingen University Press, which SUB Göttingen runs as the university's own publishing house, is responsible for technical operation, dissemination in scholarly reference systems, and formal quality assurance. The team of the SUB Electronic Publishing Group has closely accompanied the migration process of the NASJ since 2015 and supported it on organizational, editorial, and technical levels.