Closure of library locations and the LSG on the weekend of 25 to 26 March 2023 due to bomb disposal

Due to a bomb disposal in Göttingen's Weststadt, the Central Library, the Economics & Social Sciences Divisional Library, the Cultural Studies Divisional Library and the Learning and Study Building (LSG) will remain closed on the weekend of 25 to 26 March.

Due to the probing and recovery of at least three suspected explosive ordnance points in the vicinity of Schützenplatz, an evacuation in a radius of 1000 metres around the sites is necessary, which also affects large parts of the area at the Central Campus.

Therefore, all University buildings and properties in the area of the Central Campus remain closed and may not be entered until the responsible authorities give the all-clear.

For further information on evacuation and safety measures, please visit the website Questions and answers on the deployment with evacuation on March 25, 2023.