No current full texts of journals published by Elsevier and Cell Press since 10 July 2018

Since 10 July 2018, at the University of Göttingen - as well as at around 200 other well-known German scientific institutions - access to current full texts from Elsevier and Cell Press journals has been suspended by the publishers. At the University of Göttingen 440 Elsevier journals and another 12 titles belonging to Cell Press are affected.

Access to the Göttingen archives of Elsevier (PDF 95 KB) and Cell Press (PDF 179 KB) is generally ensured. In the case of individual Göttingen journal packages (PDF 89 KB) especially from economics, access to all full texts has been completely dropped.

For additional information, please consult the FAQ (updated 10 June 2020) on our website.
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