Gradual opening of our locations

Good news everyone!
We are planning a gradual opening of our locations - of course in compliance with all necessary safety and hygiene regulations.

The Göttingen State and University Library plans to implement this in three stages:

Stage 1: Starting emergency lending for students. This can be implemented by re-opening the public entrance area of the central library as well as the corresponding areas in the respective divisional libraries, while ensuring to meet the requirements for hygiene and social distancing. These measures are currently being prepared.
(Expected introduction 4 May 2020).

Stage 2: Opening the Learning and Study Building (LSG): a way to regulate prioritisation of the workload is currently being coordinated with student representatives (expected opening with the prioritisation mentioned above: mid-May)

Stage 3: Opening the Central Library and Divisional Libraries for working on-site ("Reading Rooms", time of opening cannot be determined at the moment)

Some dates cannot be specified further at present, since protection against infection must be guaranteed for users and employees of the Göttingen State and University Library at all stages. Due to supply shortages, protective measures and the necessary reorganisation can often only be implemented with a delay, making it hard to specify dates. The opening of work spaces and learning areas on site will probably only be possible after measures have been put in place and must be planned closely within the existing legal framework for infection protection. In the Central Library alone, we get up to 6,000 visits per day and over two million per year, making the Göttingen State and University Library one of the most frequently visited institutions in Göttingen. Since it is not possible to rule out the chance of large groups of people meeting inside or outside the Central Library, the preparation of this stage involves a great deal of effort. At the same time, we are working continuously on the implementation of a gradual opening, for example for our divisional libraries, for which access can be better organised in accordance with requirements for hygiene and social distancing.

As always in these changing times, plans may need to be adapted to new regulations or developments.
On our website, we will inform you about changes in our services.