NAWG Germania Sacra - Project details

Database ‘Monasteries and convents of the Holy Roman Empire and adjacent territories’

Germania Sacra provides an online database of monasteries in the Holy Roman Empire and neighbouring areas. As a scientific database, it offers comprehensive information on monasteries from the time of the foundation of monastic communities up until Reformation or secularisation.

The database contains the following basic information for all institutions: name, main patronage, dates of establishment and dissolution, religious affiliation, diocese affiliation, and geographical location.

All search results can be displayed in interactive maps that visualize the monastery landscape of the Middle Ages and the early modern period. Users can filter for location, time period, and other monastery attributes.

From the monastery database, users have direct access to the monographs published by the research project, which are freely available online. The clerical personnel recorded in the Germania Sacra volumes are also displayed in the data record for all institutions listed. These persons entries are linked to the Germania Sacra digital persons database and the corresponding sources in the online volumes, thus enabling further research.



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