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NFDI-wide basic services can significantly improve efficiency and the seamless use of research data management offerings within and outside the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI). With Base4NFDI, all NFDI consortia undertake a unique and collaborative effort to develop and provide such services. Institutions from all major areas of scientific infrastructure provision and from all major research organizations in Germany participate in Base4NFDI. The NFDI-wide basic service portfolio will thus benefit all these communities and domains. The target audience for NFDI-wide basic services is the entire NFDI community, especially the operators of community-specific services.

Base4NFDI is built on two pillars: 1) organizationally on the participatory shaping of basic service development by communities in the NFDI association; 2) technologically on a common framework that creates quality-assured and coherent models for the continuous identification, promotion, development, operation, and evaluation of NFDI-wide basic services.

True to the mission of supporting the NFDI, all strategic and financial decisions regarding basic services are made jointly by all consortia in the association's committees. A basic service must be useful for potentially all existing and future consortia. Base4NFDI understands a service as a technical-organizational solution that can include storage and computing capabilities, software, processes, and workflows, as well as the necessary personnel support for various service desks. To generate proposals for basic services, Base4NFDI will draw on the expertise in the NFDI sections. They are places of exchange between consortia on cross-cutting topics, bring together expertise on infrastructure and technology, and act as breeding grounds for potential basic services.

The development of basic services takes place in a three-stage process: 1) initiation of potential basic services, 2) integration of basic service candidates, and 3) ramp-up for operational use and inclusion in the NFDI basic service portfolio. The basic services created by Base4NFDI will sustainably strengthen interoperability and efficiency within the NFDI. Developments will begin with services related to Identity and Access Management (IAM), Persistent Identifiers (PID), and terminologies. By 2028, Base4NFDI will bring up to five basic services to operational readiness in this way.



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