CARMEN AP 2/5 - Project details (Content Analysis, Retrieval and Metadata: Effective Networking Arbeitspaket 2/5)

Content Analysis, Retrieval and Metadata: Effective Networking AP 2/5: Meta-data for terms and conditions and for archiving

The goal of the CARMEN AP 2/5 project, located at the Goettingen SUB, was to work through concepts, definitions, and examples of meta-data for archiving, and recognition and administration of rights. Issues involved included the handling of complex documents, control of access rights, transparency of copyright, and authenticating and archiving digital objects. On the basis of an investigation of procedures existing internationally and the formulation of necessary requirements for this task, prototypes of definitions for meta-data were developed. The partners tested the functionality of these in practical application. Dublin Core procedures were taken into consideration as the complete concept was developed.



SUB Göttingen departments / units involved in the project

Former project staff of the SUB Göttingen

Stefan Farrenkopf