CENDARI - Project details (CENDARI)

Collaborative European Digital Archive Infrastructure


The Collaborative European Digital Archive Infrastructure (CENDARI) will provide and facilitate access to existing archives and resources in Europe for the study of medieval and modern European history through the development of an "enquiry environment". This environment will increase access to records of historic importance across the European Research Area, creating a powerful new platform for accessing and investigating historical data in a transnational fashion overcoming the national and institutional data silos that now exist. It will leverage the power of the European infrastructure for Digital Humanities (DARIAH) bringing these technical experts together with leading historians and existing research infrastructures (archives, libraries and individual digital projects) within a programme of technical research informed by cutting edge reflection on the impact of the digital age on scholarly practice.



Project staff at the SUB Göttingen

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Former project staff of the SUB Göttingen

Martina Kerzel, Jens Ludwig, Hanna-Lena Meiners, Jörg-Holger Panzer, Dr. Kathleen M. Smith, René Smolarski, Dr. Carsten Thiel