CORC - Project details (Cooperative Online Resource Catalog)

Cooperative Online Resource Catalog: Cooperation between the Goettingen State and University Library and OCLC as part of the CORC Project

In the CORC project, the attempt was made to bring together cataloging records from various proveniences and of differing codes into a single database. The data sets can be entered in US-MARC 21 or Dublin Core format as desired, displayed, and down-loaded to a local database. The transfer of bibliographic and descriptive statements about an online resource can be accomplished by entering the URL, from which the CORC system automatically generates a record using the information (meta-data, etc.) from the HTML page. This can then be corrected and expanded using either the Dublin Core or the US-MARC view, as desired. The CORC system offers a semi-automatic indexing of online resources, one in which subject headings, DDC, etc. can be generated. OCLC offers the mirrored LoC Authority Records as a database, so that normative data for individuals' names and corporate bodies can be checked. The Goettingen SUB uses the CORC system for entry of online documents that are stored on its own server. As a test of the semi-automatic indexing in CORC, selected online documents that had already been indexed in Geo-Guide were entered into CORC. The title sets from the remaining SSG-FI-Guides (special subject guides) were delivered off-line. To this came the creation of path-finders in CORC through the subsequent application of SSG-FI. Through the down-loading of the data sets that were already in CORC into the PICA-SYSTEM, it was possible to test the existing databases (PICA, SSG-FI) as well as the mapping of various formats (US-MARC 21 onto SSG-FI and US-MARC 21 onto PICA). CORC is an open system in which the project participants can use the cataloging record in Dublin Core as well as in US-MARC 21 format for local catalogues and consortia use. The experience and results that the Goettingen SUB obtained can be used by other, interested libraries in Germany.



SUB Göttingen departments / units involved in the project

Former project staff of the SUB Göttingen

Dr. Heike Neuroth