CRAFT-OA - Project details

Creating a Robust Accessible Federated Technology for Open Access

The CRAFT-OA project – Creating a Robust Accessible Federated Technology for Open Access – is aiming for strengthening and evolving of Europa-wide institutional publishing in Diamond Open Access. Diamond Open Access means no fees for publishing or reading of scholarly publications. The project is focusing on journal publishing, for what tangible services and tools will be implemented. This enables local and regional platforms and service providers to upscale and professionalize their content, platforms and services. Furthermore, interoperability with other scientific information systems will be improved. This will benefit scientists who are involved in institutional Diamond Open Access.
The 23 CRAFT-OA partners from 14 European countries will receive three-year grant from the European Commission. University of Göttingen / Göttingen State and University Library (SUB Göttingen) is coordinating the project and besides the administration also participating in technical developments.



Project board at the SUB Göttingen

Project staff at the SUB Göttingen

SUB Göttingen departments / units involved in the project