Digital Arthuriana - Project details

Digitisation and Indexing of Heterogeneous Bibliographies for Research and Teaching

Digital Arthuriana is a project funded by the German Research Foundation. It is a cooperation of the Philipps-Universität Marburg, the Head Office of the GBV Common Library Network, and the Göttingen State and University Library.

The aim of the project is to develop an online bibliography of research literature on Arthurian topics as well as editions of the texts. A database system will be created and filled with the retro-digitised Bulletin bibliographique de la Société Internationale Arthurienne (BBSIA, since 2015: Bibliography of the International Arthurian Society = BIAS). This bulletin is an international annotated bibliography of research literature on medieval Arthurian material and its reception, published annually since 1949. It is recognised as a unique research tool.

When the project is completed, Arthurian research worldwide will have a new basis. The database will bring the printed publication into the 21st century and make it widely accessible. The medium of digital publication will allow the information to be coded and searchable in a targeted manner. As a dynamic resource, it also allows for continuous updating and further processing of the data or of user interfaces according to new research interests.

The digitisation of subject bibliographies is a desideratum that is urgently needed in view of new user behaviour, but for which there are no standardised processes or procedures yet. The database will offer the possibility of retrieving relevant information quickly and in a clear form, exporting search results and transferring them to other systems. Moreover, over the course of the project, links to online resources will be established and test digitisations will be created for the repository The Stacks of the subject librarian service Anglo-American Culture. The database will be linked on online platforms of relevant libraries, and on international portals for medieval research and Digital Humanities repositories. It will be made available as an open-access offer (without registration or payment).


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