ELAN I - Project details (eLearning Academic Network Niedersachsen)


The focus of this Lower Saxony project is the development of a teaching cooperative for computer science as a pilot project that will develop a basic structure and suggestions for operational procedures for similar projects in other fields in the Lower Saxony network. Additional modules within higher education and from other academic areas expand the options provided in terms of both method and content.

  1. In computer science the capacities and resources of the two universities are to be brought together to provide an extensive and high quality computer science education for both schools that is not locationally locked in.
  2. Focusing on continuing education, the Göttingen / Clausthal network pilot program tests, before it is too late, the models and concepts that have made it possible to give financial independence to the ELAN activities that were begun during sponsorship. The experience gained by this work with continuing education is also to be applicable to other universities. In order to be able to gain wide experience in the area of continuing education, additional material from other fields (Clausthal: mathematics; Göttingen: mathematics and forestry) will be prepared.

A multi-media support center, a competence center, and a support module for subject-oriented information pools and structured information-collection constitute an infrastructure that extends beyond local support and into the eLearning network.



SUB Göttingen departments / units involved in the project

Former project staff of the SUB Göttingen

Stefan Farrenkopf, Dr. Thomas Fischer, Dr. Heike Neuroth