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Within the framework of the Specialised Information Service (FID) ‘Central Asia - Autochthonous Cultures and Languages’, the Göttingen State and University Library provides literature on the autochthonous peoples of Central Asia and Siberia on a supra-regional level. A special focus lies on the printed literature in the languages of the indigenous peoples of that region. The FID is based on Germany's largest collection of Central Asian and Siberian literature in over 70 languages located at the library. The original collection has been build up since about 1970 until 2015 as part of the Special Collection (Sondersammelgebiet) ‘Altaic and palaeoasiatic languages, literatures and cultures’ and is now continued within the Special Information Service.

In addition to the offerings for the specific philologies, the Göttingen State and University Library will create missing offerings for interdisciplinary (historical) cultural studies and area studies. The FID ‘Central Asia - Autochthonous Cultures and Languages’ addresses scholars who in their research focus on the region of Central Asia and Siberia within the framework of the humanities and social sciences, especially literary studies, linguistics, history, archaeology, sociology, political science, ethnology, and cultural anthropology.

In addition to the acquisition and provision of printed and digital literature from Central Asia and Siberia, another important aim of the Specialised Information Service is the construction of the Web Archive Central Asia in cooperation with the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), Chicago, by using the Archive.IT service.

The permanent provision of archived Internet publications that often are available on the Net only for a short period of time is important for disciplines that deal with Central Asia. It is particularly relevant here for linguistic and social science issues. Cataloguing with added subject headers and description of the content make these sources easily accessible for the research community.


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