GFBio II - Project details (German Federation for Biological Data II)

The German Federation for Biological Data II (GFBio II) aims to offer a sustained, service-oriented national data infrastructure for scientists as a basis for data-intensive applications in biology and environmental studies.
Building on well-tried infrastructures and procedures for data storing like those of PANGAEA for environmental data and the major collections of natural science in Germany, the infrastructure for data management will be constructed according to the needs of different user groups as e. g. researchers, collection holders and big research networks.
GFBio II will specialize in data concerning genomes, ecology, environment and collections.



Project board at the SUB Göttingen

SUB Göttingen departments / units involved in the project

Former project staff of the SUB Göttingen

Dr. Tina Astor, Ann-Catrin Fender, Franziska Mau