GRAcE - Project details (Göttingen Research Data Exploratory – management parameters derived from the Göttingen eResearch Alliance)

Göttingen Research Data Exploratory – management parameters derived from the Göttingen eResearch Alliance

The project Göttingen Research Data Exploratory (GRAcE) identifies generalisable parameters of research data management (RDM) in order to provide a cost estimation and to define criteria for the scalability of RDM services. These will serve as the basis for the development of a long-term planning instrument for the establishment and sustainable operation of data management services at a research campus.

Using the example of the Göttingen Campus, the project investigates two areas in particular:

  • Cost model
    What is the effort – in terms of technology as well as staff – to facilitate research data management services at a campus on a sustainable, long-term basis? Can general criteria be derived from the results and applied to other campuses? The estimation and predictability of the costs for the so called long tail of science is a challenge in this respect.
  • Generalisability
    Large research associations such as the DFG funded Collaborative Research Centres (CRC) often implement subject-specific RDM solutions. To what degree and with how much effort can such tailor-made solutions be transferred to other contexts and merged into an RDM infrastructure covering all disciplines? What are relevant criteria to determine if a service is suitable for a more widespread use and for its transfer to other contexts? The particular challenge here is to strike a balance between subject-specific requirements and generic basic services. 



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