Hannah Arendt: Complete Works (previous project) - Project details

Hannah Arendt: Complete Works. Critical Edition. Print and Digital

The edition of „Hannah Arendt. Complete Works. Critical Edition. Digital and print.“ has the aim to prepare a complete hybrid edition of Hannah Arendt’s published and unpublished work. It will be structured according to Hannah Arendt’s projects as she presented them in her books (The Origins of Totalitarianism, Eichmann in Jerusalem etc.). All related unpublished and published texts, including extensive preliminary work stages, revisions and extensions by means of different genres, such as essays, reviews, and conversation notes, will be edited, cataloged and published as collected writings in digital and print representation.
The 12-month preliminary project has the aim to develop a set of basic technical functionalities for the edition. It is funded by the Vanderbilt University (Nashville / Tennessee), the Freie Universität Berlin, and the Göttingen State and University Library and the Göttingen State and University Library will realize the information science requirements.

The project is scientifically led by Prof. Dr. Barbara Hahn (Vanderbilt University, Nashville / Freie Universität Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Hermann Kappelhoff (Freie Universität Berlin). At the Göttingen State and University Library the project is managed by Prof. Dr. Wolfram Horstmann. The technical realisation of the project is carried out in close cooperation between Göttingen State and University Library and the Center for Digital Systems (CeDiS) at Freie Universität Berlin.


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Johannes Biermann, Dr. Stefan Schmunk