Heyne Digital - Project details (ARCHAEO18)

The origins of archaeology as an academic discipline in the 18th century: Christian Gottlob Heyne's Lecture in Göttingen 'On the Art of Antiquity' and its sources


The Göttingen State and University Library, in cooperation with the Archaeological Institute of the University of Göttingen, is developing and researching the famous Göttingen Archaeology Lecture of Christian Gottlob Heyne as part of the Heyne Digital project, which marks a decisive step towards the academic institutionalisation of Classical Archaeology.

The project highlights the emergence of archaeology as a scientific discipline in the second half of the 18th century. The focus is on the archaeology lecture that Christian Gottlob Heyne has held at the University of Göttingen since 1767. Even his contemporaries regarded this lecture as a decisive step towards establishing archaeology as a systematically structured university subject. The central element of Heyne's conception was the comprehensive processing of the ancient scientific literature available at his time and collected by him in the Göttingen University Library.

After the digitisation, transcription and content indexing of the lecture notes, they were digitally merged and are to be made available to library users and interested scholars as a scientific-critical edition.

In addition to access to the digital copies and search in the full texts, the edition offers the possibility of searching specifically for persons, places, literature and works of art. The identified entities are standardised by linking them to external databases. The literature mentioned in the transcripts has been digitised - if not already available in another repository - and also linked to the corresponding place in the full text.

The Göttingen State and University Library provides the application Resource Oriented Presentation ENvironment (ROPEN) free of charge so that further scholarly-critical editions can be indexed and made available online.


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Stefanie Abraham, Stefan Jänicke, Stefka Manova, Dr. Maike Tech, Nils Windisch