Key Components of Information and Media Literacy PLUS - Project details

Enhancing students' information and media literacy

Following up on the project „Key components of information and media literacy“ (2015-2017), the project expands the range of specialist and target-group specific services already developed and supplements the service portfolio with additional Digital Fluency themes and formats.

In close cooperation with the faculties and other university partners, newly developed and tested pilot courses are adapted and expanded for students of other disciplines. In doing so, training services for individual participants and small groups are converted into a form that can be integrated into the respective subject-specific curriculum where required. Advanced students are increasingly addressed, and English-language courses are being expanded to meet the needs of international students at Göttingen University and to reflect the growing importance of English as a scientific language. New project topics include research data management and digital collaborative working techniques, which have become increasingly important in recent years. In addition, the range of information and formats available online is expanded.


Project board at the SUB Göttingen

SUB Göttingen departments / units involved in the project

Former project staff of the SUB Göttingen

Natalia Bergau, Daniel Malte Dreyer, Andreas Maximilian Kroehling