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Kontinuierliches Qualitätsmanagement von dynamischen Forschungsdaten zu Objekten der materiellen Kultur unter Nutzung des LIDO-Standards

Logo KONDA The aim of the project is to develop a systematic quality assurance of structured research data on objects of material culture, a desideratum for research in the humanities and cultural sciences. The approach of a continuous quality management process (QM process) differentiating according to data, data models and data transformations over the entire lifecycle of data is groundbreaking and pioneering. Therefore, a generic QM process for dynamic, partly uncertain research data will be developed. This process is applied to the internationally accepted harvesting format Lightweight Information Describing Objects (LIDO) for objects of material culture, then converted into specified curatorial criteria for the arts and cultural studies and tested on selected databases. Resulting QM processes are documented in manuals and will be made available to the professional community.

Developing digital research infrastructures and standards for interoperable metadata being main tasks for the Göttingen State and University Library, in this project the Göttingen State and University Library is going to further develop LIDO in active cooperation with the national and international expert committees. This ensures a broad anchoring of the project in the community as well as the return of the results to the international standard.

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Markus Matoni, Hanna-Lena Meiners