Library of Neology - Project details

The project of a “Library of Neology” will publish ten core texts and text collections of the German Enlightenment period and its reception by Protestant theology in a scholarly hybrid edition (digital and print), meeting both the needs of interdisciplinary research and academic teaching. The representative meaning and impact, the interdisciplinary relevance, the exemplary adressing of a core issue of the Enlightenment, as well as the dignity of a text regarding the history of ideas and cultural studies will serve as selection criteria. Each of the ten works, made available as a printed book as well as a digital open access version, will contain an introduction contextualising the primary source in the frame of its history of dissemination, reception, and the history of ideas. Moreover, it will offer a critical presentation of all preserved text versions, detailed historical annotation, and indexes. The XML/TEI-based text-technological processing of the texts, their encoding and enrichment with metadata, their visualisation in an online portal, and their preparation for print will be accomplished via the Virtual Research Environment TextGrid; the sustainable longterm preservation of the research data will be provided by the TextGrid Repository.


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Dr. Mirjam Blümm, Dr. Heike Neuroth, Hannes Riebl, Simon Sendler, Sybille Söring