Mass Digitization Mathematics - Project details

On the part of the mathematical community and renowned libraries with significant mathematical holdings, there are international efforts to establish a World Digital Mathematics Library (WDML). Within this framework, the Göttingen State and University Library has taken on a committed role in recent years and actively participated in shaping the WDML. Due to its historical mathematical literature holdings, which are unique in Germany, it was further challenged to integrate them more strongly into the WDML.

The aim of the project was to retrospectively digitise the entire historical Göttingen collection of mathematical texts up to and including 1900, building on the core archive of historical mathematical literature at the Göttingen State and University Library, which was established in 1997 with funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG).

With the start of the project in the 'Year of Mathematics 2008', the integration of the digital copies into the Virtual Library of Mathematics ( and other reference systems, such as the Central Directory of Digitised Prints (ZVDD) or the portal of the EU project Europeana, made the relevant part of the Göttingen State and University Library's historical holdings available to the scientific community in the best possible quality in the context of the special subject collection 'Pure Mathematics'.


Project board at the SUB Göttingen

SUB Göttingen departments / units involved in the project

Former project staff of the SUB Göttingen

Mohammed Abergna, Dennis Neumann, Ralf Stockmann