NBU - Project details (NoteBook University)

Digital visual portal to maps and remote-sensing data in the Notebook University

New forms of media play a central role in the modernization of research and teaching at Goettingen University. Building upon the extensive technological advances of the last few years, the expansion into a „Notebook University“ is the logical next step for a modern university's structure.
In order to carry this out, seven sub-projects were conceived. Three of these are concrete applications in quite diverse academic fields and use. These will be used as pilot projects for the testing and step-by-step optimizing of the development of concepts in management, motivation, and use. The other four parts of the over-all project, to accompany the first three, are designed to guarantee the concrete development of increased acceptance, further training in pedagogics, evaluation, and, finally, of cooperative research.

Working in cooperation with the Division of Cartography, GIS and Remote Sensing at Goettingen University [„Abteilung Kartographie, GIS und Fernerkundung“], the „Digitales visuelles Portal zu Karten und Fernerkundungsdaten“ [digital visual portal to maps and remote sensing data] project is designed to carry out the coupling of remote-sensing data with the TOPORAMA map catalogue system. In addition, it is to integrate the retrieval system into the curriculum in the university's „Notebook University“ for fields of study with „space“-related questions. In this way, the inventorying of the data collected at various civilian remote-sensing systems from around the world since 1980 and the integration of these data into a data recovery system with the entry fields quality, time, scale, source, and GMT are to be carried out. But in addition, the project includes the development of concepts for incorporating the portal into learning and teaching.



SUB Göttingen departments / units involved in the project

Former project staff of the SUB Göttingen

Mechthild Schüler, Nils Windisch