OAD - Project details (Open Archives Distributed)

Open Archives: Distributed services for physicists and graduate students


This project is dedicated to the research possibilities of the digital library as it supports communication within science and scholarship.
The research focuses on the Open Archives Initiative (OAI), design and implementation of prototypes which allow for the establishment and scalable interoperation of hundreds of open archives. Descriptive logistics not only support the translation of differing meta-data presentations, but also support the inclusion of distributed document databases that do not necessarily meet the requirements of OAI. The duties of the Carl von Ossietzky University / ISN Oldenburg GmbH in this project are to organize the inclusion of as many distributed sources as possible, to develop toolkits that will enable repositories and archives to adapt the OAI requirements, and to guarantee the scalability of OAI provider network as it develops. Virginia Tech has obligated itself to producing the MARIAN tools for a better retrieval process. When it is completed, the service will allow the individual physicist to search for articles or teaching materials without having to worry about the legal restrictions.
This project supports and completes similar existing programs at Virginia Tech and at the Göttingen State and Universitiy Library (SUB Göttingen).



SUB Göttingen departments / units involved in the project