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competence and networking platform in the field of Open Access II

In its first funding phase, established a central information and networking service for Open Access – free access to scientific information. In the second funding period, which is now starting, the project is implementing numerous measures to promote the Open Access transformation. To this end, the project aims, on the one hand, to increase the acceptance of the transformation to an open publication system in science, business, politics and the public. On the other hand, aims at the further training of central actors for a successful Open Access transformation as well as their networking among each other. The BMBF is funding the project as part of the ‘Digital Transformation in Education, Science and Research’ measure from January 2023 to December 2025.

Using experience to support the implementation of the Open Access transformation

The portal has achieved a high level of awareness and trust in the OA community. The project is using this wide reach in its ongoing activities to reach out to all potential stakeholders for OA transformation through intensive information work. It relies on a mix of proven formats and new offerings: The successful online training and networking formats will be continued and expanded to include new topics related to OA transformation. New developments include the networking offering oa.hub for OA projects, which also increases their visibility. In addition, is building a new service, the, which provides a high-reach publication venue and important addition to the current information offering.

In addition, the project is developing new certified self-study courses for beginners and professionals, strengthening cooperation with professional societies and universities of applied science in addressing the target group, and developing best practices for new approaches to open-access financing. In this way, addresses scientists in particular, but also management levels at scientific institutions and political actors at the level of the federal states. The second phase of the project will also focus on stabilizing the services and ensuring the sustainable operation of the portal.



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