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PALOMERA – Policy Alignment of Open Access Monographs in the European Research Areas

Scholarly books play an important role in research communication, especially in the social sciences and humanities. Therefore, they need to be included in Open Science/Open Access policies and strategies developed by research funders and institutions to ensure that Open Science becomes the modus operandi of modern science in all disciplines. However, unlike the publication of articles in journals (especially in the fields of science, technology and medicine), academic books are not the focus of OA policies. As a result, books are rarely required to be OA by research funders and institutions. PALOMERA will explore the reasons for this situation.

The PALOMERA project uses desktop research, surveys, interviews and case studies to collect, structure and analyse the challenges and gaps in OA for scholarly books at the European level. Based on this, the project delivers actionable recommendations and provides concrete resources to support a coordinated policy among funders and institutions for OA books.

In PALOMERA, 16 EU-funded partner institutions are working together for a period of two years under the lead of OPERAS. In this context, the Göttingen State and University Library (SUB Göttingen) will be involved in the provision and structured presentation of data and information showing the status quo of policy-making for open access books in Europe. In the work package for which the SUB Göttingen is responsible, a repository is being developed for this purpose (PALOMERA repository) which will be integrated into the Open Access Book Toolkid after the end of the project in order to guarantee the sustainability of the project results. Part of the repository will be the data of a Europe-wide survey, which will be conducted under the direction of the SUB Göttingen.



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