Project Isaac - Project details

The Isaac System is a software package developed by the Internet Scout Project to allow linking of geographically distributed collections of metadata so that they are searchable as a single collection. The software package incorporates multiple components including a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) accessible database, a Common Indexing Protocol (CIP) capable indexing client and server, a WWW search interface, and several useful tools.


At its most basic level, the system allows the storage and retrieval of metadata records. These are records whose data describes various aspects of resources available on the Internet. These aspects or attributes of the records found in the Isaac System are standardized under a scheme known as the Dublin Core which defines the semantics of those attributes. The system is intended to be use primarily as a searchable repository of these records.



Former project staff of the SUB Göttingen

Dr. Wilfried Enderle, Dr. Thomas Fischer