Student Digital Competencies - Project details

In cooperation with the University's E-Learning Service, the Göttingen State and University Library develops learning modules in order to promote the digital competences of students, primarily for those at the Humanities. The project is financed through the Göttingen Campus QPLUS initiative, which is in its second phase.

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Learning how to handle digital information and tools competently is essential for students. Therefore, tailored offers to support and strengthen digital competences will be developed. On the one hand, these offers should ensure that all graduates from the University of Göttingen acquire well-trained basic skills. On the other hand, these offers should be adapted to the degree programs to meet their specific requirements.

In addition to introductory offers on how to deal with digital information and tools, new interdisciplinary teaching modules for advanced, research-oriented study phases will be developed to convey the necessary method competency (for example for computer and data-driven analysis or information science work).

The aim of the project is the provision of e-learning modules which will be developed in close cooperation with the teachers. For example, short films or longer successive modules available in the Learning Management System StudIP or ILIAS. These learning offers can be integrated into the teaching or will be available for students as additional, free learning material. Through a copy in OpenILIAS, the educational offers can be used as Open Educational Resources.



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Silvia Czerwinski, Dr. Jens Dierkes