Text Database and Dictionary of Classic Mayan - Project details (IDIOM)


This project undertakes to make the Maya hieroglyphic script, which is recorded in approximately 10,000 known sources, accessible in a machine-readable text corpus grounded in epigraphic and linguistic analysis. Based on this work, a dictionary of Classic Maya will be compiled, which both as a database and in printed form will represent the entire vocabulary and its use in the writing system. For the first time, machine-readable versions of the source materials will be employed in order to integrate all occurrences of the Maya hieroglyphs into a corpus-based database, together with information concerning the original hieroglyphic spelling, transcription, and translation, as well as supplementary information.

It thus lays the foundation for a systematic understanding of the structure of the writing system and of Classic Maya, the standard language underlying the hieroglyphic script.

The XML/TEI-based text-technological processing of the texts, their encoding and enrichment with metadata, their visualisation in an online portal and their preparation for print will be accomplished via the Virtual Research Environment TextGrid; the sustainable longterm preservation of the research data will be provided by the TextGrid Repository.



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Maximilian Behnert-Brodhun, Dr. Mirjam Blümm, Franziska Diehr, Martin de la Iglesia, Dr. Heike Neuroth, Sibylle Söring