The Property of the von Schlözer Family – Indexing and Digitisation - Project details (Schlözer Foundation)

Indexing and Digitisation of the Paintings, Portraits, and Objects Owned by the von Schlözer Family

The Schlözer foundation, which was 1940 acquired by Leopold von Schlözer and until 1943 replenished by several donations from family members, owns books, manuscripts, sheet music, works of art, furniture and objects of daily use formerly possessed by the von Schlözer family, the best-known members of which were August Ludwig and Dorothea. While the books and manuscripts of the Schlözer-foundation are indexed in the library catalogue and in the database KALLIOPE, while the objects (about 400 in total) remain still to be catalogued. So far only handwritten lists provide access to this collection.

In this project, which will closely cooperate with the Art Collection of Göttingen University, these objects will be catalogued in a collection database. Moreover, they will be photographed digitally and the images appear in the database. Via this openly accessible collection database of Göttingen University, the above mentioned objects of the Schlözer-foundation will be made accessible to scholars and the public for the first time.



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Ines Barchewicz, Alexander Leinemann, Steven Reiss