Theodor Fontane Notizbücher - Project details

Genetic-critical and annotated hybrid-edition of Theodor Fontane’s notebooks based on a virtual research environment

The genetic-critical hybrid edition will find, review and publish all notebook content for the first time. In contrast to previous editions which were partial and had a content-orientated organization, this concept focuses on the complex tradition with its material and medial attributes.

The edition consists of two parts, visualizing the material and allowing for document-orientated, chronological or teleological access as well as creating a readable and citable text: the electronic edition will provide a synchronized representation of the digitized notebook page and a diplomatic transcription. In the printed edition, all notebook entries will be published in a historical-critical edition with a critical apparatus and selected facsimiles. The genetic-critical hybrid edition will give new impulses to studies in the fields of literature and cultural history. Also, it will provide a model for further notebook editions with comparably difficult contexts of tradition. The edition is being created at Göttingen State and University Library and the Theodor Fontane-Arbeitsstelle.



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Dr. Mirjam Blümm, Martin de la Iglesia, Felix Lohmeier, Dr. Heike Neuroth, Simon Sendler, Sibylle Söring