Projects on ... Research Data

  • Ahiqar
    The Story of Ahiqar in its Syriac and Arabic Tradition
  • CoPI
    Corpus of Personal Names in Greek and Latin Inscriptions from Syria and Lebanon
  • Discuss Data (Discuss Data)
    Discuss Data: Open Platform for the Interactive Discussion of Research Data Quality (on the example of area studies on the post-Soviet region)
    Fostering Fair Data Practices in Europe
  • iBeetle-Base
    Building an Interconnected, Interactive and Extendable Repository for Phenotypic Data
    Kontinuierliches Qualitätsmanagement von dynamischen Forschungsdaten zu Objekten der materiellen Kultur unter Nutzung des LIDO-Standards
  • NAWG Germania Sacra
    Database ‘Monasteries and convents of the Holy Roman Empire and adjacent territories’
  • RDA Europe 4.0
    The European plug-in to the global Research Data Alliance