Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

The SUB Göttingen participates in a framework agreement between the TIB Hannover and the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). The Read & Publish agreement offers the following support to members of the University of Göttingen and the University Medical Center Göttingen.

Time period: 2024 – 2027

Gold and Hybrid Open Access

"Corresponding authors will be given the opportunity to publish their articles open access free of charge in all journals covered by the agreement. The publication costs are automatically covered by the SUB Göttingen. Please submit your manuscript with your official institutional e-mail address. This will be used to assign it to the institution. Here you can find further information on the author workflow.

In addition to publication in the publishing house, the article will be made accessible and archived via GRO.publications, the publication management system of the University of Göttingen.

Updated: January 2024