Sage Publishing

Members of the University of Göttingen and the University Medical Center Göttingen receive the following support for Open Access publishing in Sage journals. As part of the German National Consortium, the Bavarian State Library in Munich has entered into a Sage publishing agreement based on the publish-and-read model and for OA publishing in genuine Gold OA journals.

Time period: 2024

Hybrid Open Access

Publishing in hybrid journals: 'Corresponding Authors' are given the opportunity to publish their articles free of charge Open Access ('SAGE Choice') in subscription-based journals via the so-called 'Read and publish license'. The journals are listed here.

Eligible article types for this are: Original Research Papers, Review Papers, Brief Communications, Short Reports and Case Reports.

Please note: For all other article types, any OA publication costs incurred must be funded by the 'corresponding author'.

In this short list you will find the journals for which a publication in hybrid Open Access is not available.

Gold Open Access

Publishing in genuine Sage Gold open access journals. If applicable, publication costs for 'corresponding authors' of the University of Göttingen can be fully or proportionally financed by the publication fund of the University of Göttingen. The agreement includes a discount of 20% on the publication costs.

The publication process for authors

Detailed descriptions specifically about the publication process can be found on the publisher page.

  • You are a 'corresponding author' and submit your article directly to the journal.
  • After your article is accepted, you will receive an email from Sage asking you to select the publication route.
  • Select Open Access and complete your registration in the Sage Publication Portal.
  • Select CC BY 4.0 as your publication license.
  • The SUB Open Access team will then be notified of your article and asked to confirm payment.
  • When publishing Open Access in subscription journals (Hybrid Open Access), there is no cost to you, provided the article type is eligible.
  • When publishing in the pure Open Access journals, you may need to plan for a cost contribution from your institution.
  • For publication costs, the publisher usually charges only the net price. To this must be added the tax portion of 19%, which must be paid by the university's finance department. This results in the total price with the gross amount.

In addition to the publication in the publishing house, the article will be made accessible and archived via GRO.publications, the publication management system of the University of Göttingen.

Updated: January 2024